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Innovative & Exciting!

A new approach
Classic French Homes was established to provide an innovative and exciting approach to property marketing in South West France.
Not only do we produce the very best marketing material available, we use a wide variety of marketing channels to ensure that your property wide coverage – but crucially without over-exposing it.

Quality not quantity
We have a style that breaks with tradition – concentrating on quality rather that quantity. Ensuring the very highest levels of professionalism, we are never-the-less open and collaborative in nature.

A handpicked portfolio
We have a handpicked portfolio – focussed on the €1M + properties, with 50kms or so of Bergerac. Not only are we a breath of fresh air with vendors, we are a firm favourite amongst buyers of whom we have numerous registered and looking forward to receiving your property details.


Why use us?

Professional approach

Best marketing material

Extensive channels to market


Innovative & exciting

Privately-owned, fully French-registered


We get results!


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