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Property Sales Process - The Etude Diagnostique

Obligatory Survey

As soon as it looks likely that we have secured a buyer on agreed terms, you as the vendor need to commission a statutory survey (‘etude diagnostique’) that reveals the state of the property in relation to termites and other wood infestations, lead in paintwork, asbestos, gas and electrical installations and the environment specific to the locals (eg ground heave in dry periods). We will tell you when the time is right to do this, and suggest a surveyor (‘expert du batiment’) for this purpose.

Their report is required to form part of the documents to be signed off in the ‘Compromis de Vente’.


The Property Sales Process

Initial Visit & Valuation

Marketing Strategy


Promulgation / advertising

Property visits


Etude Diagnostique

Compromis de Vente

Cooling Off Period

Acte de Vente & Handover


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