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On the day of signing, we will visit the property with you to check all is in order as the final contract (“projet”) has a clause stating “sold as seen on signing date”. The signing will be held in the notaire's office and it's usual for all parties to be there for the completion and signing of the final “Acte de Vente”. If you can't be, you can arrange a power of attorney for it to be signed in your absence. A power of attorney ‘PROCURATION’ can be provided allowing either or both parties to be represented by the Notaire’s clerk or other named person. The power of attorney may need to be witnessed at the French Consulate in the UK. It must be arranged in advance of the agreed final date. This final stage involves reading through the whole contract and finalising any outstanding issues. You will sign a deed in front of the Notaire and the ownership of the property will pass with this signing. Be prepared, as the completion process can easily take over an hour. You will be given the keys after the signing, and hoorah - the property is yours.




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