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French Property Investment Strategiese

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When is best to invest?

Property has traditionally been one of the safest long-term investments, and because of its stable politics and conservative economy, France is a popular choice for prudent investors. But when is the best time to buy property?

  • Before a property recession hits rock bottom
  • When vendors are at their all-time pessimistic and accept low offers.
  • When you as the buyer have the maximum bargaining power.
  • When you have the least competition from other buyers.
  • When choice is good (although perhaps not great – read more below)
  • When renovations, if required, are the best value for money, due to an over-supply of builders.

Other considerations

  • Is your money safe where it is? Are you sure? (Be wary of stocks, shares and pension funds at present).
  • What is the value of your money? Is there a threat of it being devalued?
  • Currency exchange rates – are they in your favour, can you take advantage of volatility and mitigate risk?
  • What are the capital growth opportunities, and scope for earning in the meantime? (we now do holiday lets)
  • Do you have a good choice of properties for sale (many of our vendors have removed their properties from the overt market, opting instead for discreet marketing).

How can we as an agency help?


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