Aquitaine region of South West France offers something for everyone
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The Area

Geographic Location

The area extends from the Perigord Pourpre (named after the red grapes of its vineyards) in the south and west, to the Perigord Noir in the South East with its wooded hills. In the north is the gently rolling countryside of the Perigord Vert, whilst in the centre the limestone plateau of Perigord Blanc bisects the region from east to west.

The Area


It’s an area very much of four distinct seasons.

The Area

Beautiful Countryside

Rows of vines; sunflowers; streams, rivers & lakes; quaint little villages and towns – it’s got to be seen to be appreciated!

The Area

Rich in History

Reputed to be the area in which prehistoric man first settled in Europe, the area abounds with sites of major historical interest.  It was a vibrant area in medieval times, and was, for a while, part of England. Conflict and economic growth laid the foundations for some of the regions finest towns and villages.

Strong community - here a fire juggler performs at the annual Medieval Banquet in Eymet


The region is rich in culture – testament to a colourful past and deep-rooted traditions. Whatever one’s passion, there is a festival to suit somewhere, sometime. Big favorites are wine, oysters, agriculture, art and music.

Stunning architecture- a staircase from en eighteenth century chateau

Stunning Architecture

Due to its history, natural wealth and topography, it is an ideal area for prestige properties in rural settings – chateaux, chatreuses and manoirs in wonderful estates abound – many dating back to the era of the crusades and Knights Templar.

A vibrant community - a French wedding, al fresco

A Vibrant Community

Hospitable locals intermingled with a good smattering of international expats make for an excellent local community - particularly for children.

The Area

Communication Links

Wherever you are coming from or going to, there are excellent communications links here.

Dordogne enjoys a very low crime rate - so no need to lock your bike up!

Low Crime

Remember the good old days? This is where they’ve gone!

The Area

Facilities & Activities

Whatever your passion, hobby or past-time – it’s very likely that it’s all going on here!

The Perigord - a wealth of good food and local specialities!


If you are on a strict diet – this may not be the place for you. Whether shopping at the local markets, or dining in the regions restaurants, there will plenty to tease your taste buds.

The excellent local wines of AOC Bergerac - a perfect accompaniment to the local countryside!


Excellent wines, produced on your doorstep – it can’t be bad!


Why Buy Here...

Great climate

Beautiful countryside

Stunning architecture

Rich in history

Quality of life

Superb gastronomy

Local wines

Strong community

Fun, facilities & activities

Great for kids

Stable politics

Sound investment

Communications & access

Useful Stuff...

The Dordogne

The Gironde

The Lot-et-Garonne

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Getting Here

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